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  Interim Report - 15 February 2007  
    Interim Statement, Six Months Ended 31 December 2006 (PDF, 508KB)
  AGM Results - 23 November 2006  
    Download the AGM results (PDF, 82KB)
  Board Committees  
    Download the terms of reference of the Audit Committee (PDF 38KB)
    Download the terms of reference of the Renumeration Committee (PDF 33KB)
  Previous Reports  
    Annual Report & Accounts 2005/2006 (PDF 1.95MB)
    Interim Statement 31 December 2005 (PDF 1.34MB)
    Annual Report & Accounts 2004/2005 (PDF 353KB)
    Interim Statement 31 December 2004 (PDF 436KB)
    Annual Report & Accounts 2003/2004 (PDF 139KB)
    Interim Statement 31 December 2003 (PDF 407KB)
    Annual Report & Accounts 2002/2003 (PDF 943KB)
    Interim Statement 31 December 2002 (PDF 27KB)
    Annual Report & Accounts 2001/2002 (PDF 134KB)
    Interim Statement 31st December 2001 (PDF 40KB)
    Annual Report & Accounts 2000/2001 (PDF 136KB)
    Interim Statement 31st December 2000 (PDF 52KB)
    Amstrad plc AGM - Trading Statement (PDF 38KB)
    Annual Report & Accounts 1999/2000 (PDF160KB)
    Interim Statement 31st December 1999 (PDF 32KB)
    Annual Report & Accounts 1998/99 (PDF 130KB)
    Interim Statement 31st December 1998 (PDF 17KB)
    Annual Report & Accounts 1997/98 (PDF 90KB)