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  News – 19 January 2004  
  The Amstrad e-m@iler with an instant DQ link to directory and information service 118866

  118866 is the right number for Amstrad

118866 Ltd, the wholly owned UK subsidiary of telegate AG, Europe's largest independent directory and information services provider, has agreed a groundbreaking deal with Amstrad that sees the 118866 directory enquiries service become the exclusive default provider for all users of the Amstrad e-mailer from Monday January 19th.

Users of the Amstrad e-mailer will be able to shortcut the myriad of options for directory enquiries services by simply pressing a button

embedded on the Amstrad e-mailer 'super phone' that will take them directly to 118866's operators. The e-mailer platform is ideal for a service such as 118866 as it is so simple to use and is preloaded into the phone. The customer does not even have to remember the full 118 number.

Amstrad estimates that given the number of e-mailer units out in the market, there are now in excess of 1 million people using the telephone that also provides email functionality, along with Internet access, 2-way SMS texting and a digital answerphone. E-mailers are currently being sold by major electrical retailers for around £29.

Jon Molyneux, CEO of 11 88 66 Ltd, said: "Our aim is to provide callers with the best possible directory enquiry service, so we are delighted that Amstrad has signed this exclusive partnership with us. The deal will bring about immediate benefits to Amstrad e-mailer users. At the touch of a single button callers will be able to speak to one of our highly trained operators who will find the name or number of the person or business that they are looking for with utmost efficiency."

Simon Sugar, Amstrad's Commercial Director, added: "In a crowded market for directory enquiry services, the deal gives 118866 instant and direct access to all the users of our e-mailer product. This partnership also further demonstrates the ongoing revenue-generation aspect to the e-mailer business."

For further information, please contact:
Frank PR
Tel: 020 7693 6999

Notes to Editors:
About the 118866 service

Unlike other providers, 118866 offers customers international, national, and classified number searches plus extra services such as

alarm calls and birthday reminders simply by calling one number - 118866. As a result we are the only directory enquiries provider to

charge the same low charge for both national and international number requests.

118866's operators are friendly and helpful. They are trained to ask the right questions to help customers find numbers, especially if the customer is not sure of a spelling, or where exactly their request is located. 118866 does not use automated read outs and customers are guaranteed a one-to-one, personal service. Furthermore our operators are so dedicated to meeting your needs that they will offer to call you back within 5 minutes if they can't find what you are looking for in the first minute.

118866 uses the most comprehensive national and international databases available including BT Pathfinder and Thomson Directories. Thomson Directories has the most extensive and up to date local business database with over 2 million UK business listings.

You can ask for as many numbers as you like within one call. This is enabled by implementing per second billing so you only pay for the time that you use when speaking to your operator.

You have a choice of how you receive your requested information - text to your mobile phone, e-mail or fax or spoken personally by your operator. To save time you can also be connected directly to your requested number.

Calls cost 9p per minute, billed per second, with a 49p call charge from most landlines. Prices may vary depending on your network.

Pricing applies to both national and international requests, making 118866 the cheapest DQ service for international enquiries.

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