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  News – 15 September 2004  
  Amstrad launches E3

  Amstrad plc launches today its third generation e-m@iler , the Amstrad E3, which includes a colour screen and video phone functionality. The phone will be sold at a retail price of around £99 or around £179 if bought as a pair.

As well as e-mail, internet access, sms, and games functionality that are available on the second generation model, the Amstrad E3 includes a colour screen and built in camera that will enable users to hold video calls with other users and send and receive picture messages. Picture messages can be sent to PC users as e-mail attachments and mobile phone users via the multimedia messaging feature. Initially the phone will be available through Dixons Group stores with distribution then widened over the coming months. The existing second generation model will continue to be sold alongside the new Amstrad E3.

At a retail price of around £99 the product will only have a modest subsidy per unit and like the second generation model will receive ongoing revenue from e-mail, internet access, sms, games, and advertising as well as new revenue from video calls, picture message sending and photo send. The colour screen will make the internet surfing experience more compelling for the user and likewise will be more attractive to potential advertisers. Games usage should also benefit from the colour screen and the inclusion of a free game pad with every unit.

Amstrad's Commercial Director Simon Sugar said today :

"At a retail price of around £99 the Amstrad E3 is a very compelling proposition and is a significant step towards bringing video phone functionality to the mass market. With the introduction of the colour screen we see great potential to increase advertising opportunities and further strengthen the surf and games playing functions which will lead to increased revenues"

15 September 2004
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