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  News – 15 February 2007  
  Amstrad Plc
15 February 2007

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Six Months Ended 31 December 2006

  Chairman's Statement  
  Financial Results

The Group reported a profit before tax of £10.5m (2005: £12.5m) on sales of £40.6m (2005: £49.6m). The earnings per share were 9.0p (2005: 10.6p).

The interim dividend is 2.5p (2005: 2.5p) per ordinary share to be paid on 13 April 2007 to shareholders on the register as at 23 February 2007.

On 8 December 2006 the Company distributed £30.4m of cash to shareholders by way of a special dividend of 32p per ordinary share and a final dividend of 4.5p (2005: 4.5p) per ordinary share.

Following payment of these dividends the Group’s net assets have reduced to £33.5m (2005: £51.9m). As at 31 December 2006 the Group had cash of £28.3m (2005: £48.9m).

Review of Activities

Set top box volumes, which are normally weighted towards the first half of the financial year, are lower than a year ago. We have continued to focus on driving down the overall cost of manufacturing set top boxes and this has helped mitigate the impact of the downward pressure on prices for more mature products.

The Hong Kong business, which designs, manufactures and sells audio products to the US and European markets, has managed to maintain margins despite lower volumes in what is a very competitive audio market.

In the previous financial year all remaining stocks of the e-mailer were sold to retailers and in the first half of this financial year a further 14k units were bought and registered by consumers bringing the total registered since the initial launch of the product to 507k. The installed base of e-mailers continues to generate significant usage revenue for the Group from e-mail, internet access, sms, downloading of ringtones and advertising. Based on the figures for December 2006 usage, this equated to an annualised revenue figure of £6.4m.


As stated in the last Annual Report the broadcasting industry is increasingly moving towards high definition television and we continue to work on developing HDTV set top boxes and HDTV PVR boxes. We started delivering HDTV boxes at the end of the last financial year and deliveries of an HDTV PVR box are due to commence in the second half of the financial year. We are in the final stages of developing a new PVR box which should leave us well placed for the future.

We continue to research the smart phone market working with leading telcos and broadband providers.

Sir Alan Sugar

15 February 2007
  Amstrad plc
Register No. 955321
Brentwood House
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Essex CM14 4EF

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Download the Full Interim Statement
Six Months Ended 31 December 2006
(PDF 508KB)
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