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  News – 23 March 2005  
  Amstrad E3 e-mailer sales promotion

  Amstrad plc announced today that the retail price of its E3 e-m@iler is being significantly reduced in most retail outlets from around £99 to around £49.

This planned price reduction, which will commence over the Easter weekend in Argos, Dixons Stores Group, Comet and certain other retailers, is aimed at encouraging customers to buy the units in pairs thereby facilitating the use of the phone's video call technology. New software has also been downloaded to the existing base of E3 e-mailers which allows users to connect a digital camera and view photos on the e-mailer screen which can then be sent out to friends and family by e-mail.

Amstrad's Commercial Director Simon Sugar said today:

"The new software and lower retail price makes the E3 e-mailer a compelling proposition as an all-round communication device. The fact that you can now buy two E3 e-mailers for around £100 should significantly increase the use of video phone telephony in the home".

23 March 2005

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