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  News – 20 September 2005  
  New Business Venture

  Amstrad plc announced today a move into a new consumer product category in the health care market and the launch of a new product, the Integra face care system, and at the same time the introduction of a new exciting way of selling directly to consumers. The product will be sold on-line through a dedicated website ( This new but controlled venture takes the Group into the growing consumer electronic healthcare market, one which dependent on the success of this venture has a lot of potential for the introduction of other products. The product has been designed and produced to take into account other World markets. Dependent on the success of the UK launch, we plan to roll the product out to other European and World markets.

Perhaps most importantly this venture experiments with a whole new sales strategy for the business, one that could be applied to any consumer product the Group may introduce for sales direct to consumers. We have called this sales strategy the "Sir Alan Sugar Enterprise Scheme" (SASES) which has been developed, administered and is owned by Amstrad plc. Further information on this scheme can be seen on our website ( The sales method is very innovative and is geared to stimulate sales through existing purchasers who in turn will be able to earn a commission every time they encourage someone else to purchase a unit. We will carefully monitor this venture and be ready to exploit it if and when it shows potential.

20 September 2005
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