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  Amstrad E3 Videophone Reviews  
Boys Toys Magazine, January 2005
"A slice of the future that's accessible to everyone. Video calls may have been around for a while now, largely on the 3 network, but the uptake has been slow to say the least...That could be set to change with the E3, offering easy to use video call capabilities to anyone with a landline (and another E3 obviously) – it's even simple enough for your old Nan to get to grips with."

"Consider what you're getting and it's pretty much a replacement for a lot of stuff you'd normally do on a PC so you'd expect to pay something of a premium. At just £99 you've got to ask yourself, have they made a mistake? Snap them up before they or everyone else realise. Overall – a great way to consolidate all your communication needs in the home."

FQ Magazine, January 2005
“Anyone itching to proudly display their progeny to the grandparents without using webcams, broadband, or even a computer, will find the latest incarnation of Amtrad’s venerable Emailer the most exciting yet.”

Internet User Magazine, January 2005

"Boring phone calls are a thing of the past with this state-of-the-art gadget from Amstrad...
Amstrad has always had a reputation for producing innovative products, but at an affordable price. The new E3 Videophone is no exception, with some amazing new features that will impress novices and geeks alike."

"Indeed, this little beauty has a fabulous array of tools, aside from the obvious video capabilities. Additionally, it's possible to send and receive email worldwide without a PC. You can also access and surf the Web, along with sending and receiving pictures, text and sound from compatible mobile phones."

"Even the most inexperienced computer or phone user will be able to master the controls here in a very short space of time."

Mind Your Business, October 2004

“A built-in camera and colour screen mean that a company buying two of these units can enjoy video conferencing at a price even the most parsimonious MD should find appealing”

“Desktop video conferencing for multi-site businesses could make this device a business success.”
  Amstrad E-m@ilerPlus Reviews  

The Independent

“For the family that doesn’t want or can’t afford a computer, the e-m@iler plus is a cheap, multi-talented phone that has more features than you can shake a mobile at.”


“For the small amount of money the Amstrad e-m@iler is damn near unbeatable.”

Computer Shopper

“If you have no desire to join the growing number of PC users but need access to email and the web, this is an ideal solution.”


“Handily compact – the stylish set is barely bigger than a normal phone – it offers a plethora of services previously limited to comparable portables or pen and paper.”


“The Amstrad e-m@iler is the home phone with attitude. It’s the quickest and easiest way to access the Internet, send emails and SMS text messages, and even play games.”

Stuff Magazine

“A telephone and email machine? Nice idea.”

Fast car magazine

“The Amstrad e-m@iler plus might be the answer to your prayers. Not only is it the coolest looking home phone you’ll ever see, you can also surf the web, send and receive e-mails, SMS, text messages and faxes... and take advantage of its digital answering machine and hands-free speaker phone.”


“The Amstrad e-m@iler is great for home use and it can’t catch any of the computer viruses that are doing the rounds at present.”


"Amstrad’s e-m@iler is the technologically challenged consumer’s lifeline to the 21st century. It can be used as a phone and fax, can send and receive emails, and access the Internet… But there’s more: it’s so easy to use, that even an adult can operate it.”
  Customer Endorsements  
Mrs Harper
“The e-m@iler has proved a vital line of communication with my children who are both at university. It means they can email us and we can pick up their messages at home and reply immediately. Brilliant, as I don’t want to buy a home PC.”

Dr. Gunning
“What a brilliant little machine, can’t believe I’m able to email and use the Internet so quickly and easily and all for under £30… well done Amstrad.”

Ms. Lynch
“I use the e-m@iler to keep in contact with my friends abroad. I can’t send personal email from work and this offers me a great low-cost alternative. I certainly couldn’t afford to call them all regularly – but this way I can keep up with all the gossip!”

Rebecca Gobel
“I’m currently in a shared house at University and we all chipped in and bought an Amstrad e-m@iler. It was brilliant value for money and enabled us each to have a separate email address. It’s not only great for sending quick emails to arrange big nights out – but also means we don’t need to call our parents. I email or text my Mum and she calls me back!”

Mr Diplock
“I use copymail on my e-m@iler, as it enables me to keep in constant contact with my work email. If I send any messages from my home e-m@iler, they are immediately copied to my office email address. That way I always know exactly what I’ve sent and exactly where I am.”

Mr. R de Gottel
“I am 79 years of age and not computer-minded at all. But having 3 young grandchildren living in America, who are all into technology, I decided to take the giant step into the 21st century and brought your machine. I have been able to master the art of emailing with your easy to use unit, in conjunction with your very clearly written instruction book. It’s great, we’re emailing back and forth with snippets of news on schooling, sports, pets, etc etc. Many thanks for inventing such a wonderful and neat little machine.”