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  E3 Superphone  
  The UK's first affordable home videophone with email, internet and much more...  


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  Please Note: The E3 is designed for installation in the UK ONLY. It will not operate on overseas telephone exchanges.  
The E3 Superphone is a state-of-the-art home phone combining a multitude of features:
  • Make video calls (to other E3 e-m@ilers)
• Easy to use - simple on-screen instructions
• NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR VIDEO CALLS - just the cost of an ordinary phone call
• Display options - Full Screen / Dual Screen / Single Screen
  •  Easy to use
• Send and receive email worldwide without a PC
• Register up to 8 different email addresses
• Email notification - red LED indicates new messages
• Take photos with the built-in camera and send as email attachments
• Voice/sound files can be recorded via the E3 and sent as email attachments
• Slide out QWERTY keyboard makes composing email easy
  Internet access  

• Access the web in colour without a PC
• 'Amsurf' home page for E3 users
• Pay-as-you-use service

  • Send/receive pictures with text and sound to/from compatible mobile phones
• Create pictures using the built-in camera
• Create sounds/voice using the telephone
  • Send/receive text messages to/from mobile phones
• Slide out QWERTY keyboard makes composing texts easy
• Use contact details from the built-in address book
  Photo Send  
  • Take a picture snapshot and send it with sound and text by email
• Dedicated Photo Send button
  Polyphonic Ringtones  
  • Download great polyphonic ringtones for use on your E3
• Change the ringtone of your E3 whenever you want
• Large library to choose from
• Allocate different ringtones to different callers (Caller Display Service required)
  Colour LCD screen  
  • Large 480 x 320 pixel clear, bright colour LCD screen  
  Play Games  
  • Download and play great games with sound
• GamePad - included for enhanced game play
  Digital Telephone Answer Machine  
  • Green LED indicates new messages
• Record your own outgoing message
• Remote access
  Address Book  

• Store up to 700 contact names
• Store Home, Office, Mobile numbers plus email and postal addresses
• Quick access keys
• Address Book Lookup - displays name of incoming caller (Caller Display service required)

  Handsfree Phone  
  • Clear and convenient handsfree speakerphone
• Full duplex
  • Send fax text messages  
  Easy Set-Up  
  • Quick set-up and registration
• Simple on-screen instructions
  • Pay-as-you-use
• Call charges appear on your phone bill
  Click here to see the charges associated with the E3