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  Integra Face Care System  
  The Integra is the ultimate Face Care System introducing
a new way of life for your skin. Keeping a youthful natural
appearance means maintaining both the skin's condition
and its underlying muscle tone.                                                                       << Enlarge Image

The Integra Face Care System,
in conjunction with the two
luxurious cream treatments,
deals with both of these in
one fantastic system.
  • The ultimate in-home beauty facial treatment
  • Visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in 28 days!
  • Salon style technology with luxury cosmetic creams

  The Face Care System is so easy to use and completely pain free. Tried and tested, it uses the regenerative effects of galvanic micro-current to stimulate underlying tissue and tone the facial muscles, firming, lifting and gently reducing the signs of ageing. The stylishly designed Integra Face Care System allows for the targeted treatment of specific areas of the face using the ergonomically designed probes which focus the treatment to exactly where it is needed.

Up to now, this type of treatment has been expensive and possible only with professional equipment in specialist salons. But now, at a price you could pay for one salon session, you can have your own Integra face care system at home. It’s like having your own personal beauty therapist with you 24/7!